Edifier R1700BT Remote Control

After I got the Edifier R1700BT Speaker I notice that i want to control them like all my other stuff with my moile phone and MQTT. So i got some IR reciver and LEDs to simulate the Edifier Remote with a Wemos who is connected to my MQTT Server.

I figure out the IR-Codes used:

  • 149389439 -> power on/off
  • 149356799 -> mute
  • 149369039 -> Volume Up
  • 149393519 -> Volume Down
  • 149377199 -> Switch input to Bluetooth
  • 149399639 -> Switch input to Line In


I connected the IR-LED to the D4 Pin of a Wemos. I used this question as basic idea.


With this Numbers, and the pubsubclient and IRremoteESP8266 i just can subscripe to some topics, and every time a message aravid at one of the topics i could send the code to the speaker:

if(String(topic)=="musik/power") {
  irsend.sendNEC(149389439, 32);
  Serial.println("EDIFIER: Power");

if(String(topic)=="musik/mute") {
  irsend.sendNEC(149356799, 32);
  Serial.println("EDIFIER: Mute");

if(String(topic)=="musik/down") {
  irsend.sendNEC(149369039, 32);
  Serial.println("EDIFIER: Down");
if(String(topic)=="musik/up") {
  irsend.sendNEC(149393519, 32);
  Serial.println("EDIFIER: UP");

if(String(topic)=="musik/bluetooth") {
  irsend.sendNEC(149377199, 32);
  Serial.println("EDIFIER: Bluetooth");

if(String(topic)=="musik/line") {
  irsend.sendNEC(149399639, 32);
  Serial.println("EDIFIER: Line");

Final Result

After solder everything to a perforated board I got the following result.

Maybe I will create another smaller version to hide next to the speaker. For now it works.

Complete Code

You can got the complete code here: Complete Code